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Public Service: Massachusetts Commercial Reg Changes – Black Sea Bass and Striped Bass

The Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries has released some updates to the commercial regulations for Striped Bass and Black Sea Bass. The changes are summarized below as well as a link to the Press Release:

Striped Bass

Season opens Monday June 25th, and is open every Monday and Thursday thereafter until the Quota is reached. The regulations of 15 fish at 34 inches remains unchanged. The one new update is that if July 3rd, July 4th or Labor day fall on a Monday or Thursday and the season is still opened, then that day will be a closed fishing day.

Black Sea Bass

Season opens on July 9th, actually the first allowed fishing day is Tuesday July 10th and will remain open until the quota is reached. One additional change this year is the to open days where you are allowed to possess Black Sea Bass commercially are now Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Daddy Mac Lures should be right in the mix of commercial fisherman, please be safe out there.

For the press release, please visit the link below:

Click to access 2018%20Fishing%20Limit%20Changes.pdf

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