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Commercial Striped Bass Season – RD Bombs, Bunker Blades, Skurge of the Seas Bass Bombs and Daddy Mac Jigs

As the commercial season nears, there is a flurry of activity to make sure that you have what you need while on the water. Daddy Mac Lures are doing their best to meet the demand of our customers.

Here is our plan for the opening day of commercial season

  1. Fish Bobby Rice Series RD Bombs until top water bite slows – Early morning, Late Evening
  2. Fish Bunker Blade for those suspended fish – Late morning
  3. Fish Daddy Mac Lures Jigs – Diamond Chain Jigs, 2.8oz. Nervous Minnows and 2.8 Elite Deluxe Sand Eel Green – Early Afternoon, Late Afternoon

Here is what we have to offer:

Bobby Rice Series RD ( Bombs – available in 7″ (2.9 oz.) and 9″ (3.6 oz.)

  1. Purchase Here:
  2. When to fish – Top Water – early morning top water bite
  3. Thru Wired
  4. Spro 150lb Power Rings
  5. VMC 4x v/0 Trebles
  6. Advantages over the Doc
    1. Weight in the rear, superb casting distance
    2. Head sticks out of the water, does not go subsurface even in high wind/wave conditions
    3. Easily grab the lure to get fish out of the water
    4. Extra Large 3D eyes
    5. Ghost White (not bone) – matches underside of all bait fish

Bunker Blades – Menhaden

  1. Purchase Here:
  2. When to fish – when piles of fish are suspended and not actively feeding
  3. 5.5 oz.
  4. Solid chromed steel
  5. Extra Large 3D eyes
  6. Fish vertically, on the troll or cast and retrieve

Skurge of the Seas Bass Bombs – Superior Quality Umbrella Rigs

  1. Purchase Here:
  2. When to fish – any time the fish are spread out, cover water.
  3. Ralph Wilkins design
  4. Made from only the finest materials available!
    1. Momoi. Hi catch line.
    2. Jinkai crimps.
    3. Mustad 31022 DT 10/0 Limerick hooks.
    4. 2/0 Rosco swivel (USA 225 lb test).
    5. Tooth tuff flexible PVC tubing and Mylar (USA) braid.
    6. Teasers also use the Rosco 2/0 swivel, SS wire (USA) and the same flexible PVC tubing.
    7. Each tube is hand Dyed and Made in the USA.
    8. Daddy Mac “Viper”. Most Innovative lures on the market today, are rigged as the deadly stinger.

Daddy Mac Lures Jigs

  1. 2.8 oz. Elite Deluxe Sand Eel Green –
  2. 3.5 oz. Trophy Green Mackerel –
  3. 2.8 oz. Elite Sand Eel Green –
  4. DML A27 Diamond Chain Jigs –
  5. 2.8 oz. Tim Moore Nervous Minnows –

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