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Daddy Mac Lures Albie/Bonito Long Cast Jigs – On the Water – Lure of the Month

For residents of the Northeast, the final dog days of summer are treated more as a ceremony than as the end of a season. The rugged hills and seaside towns slow, accepting a lethargic and patient transition before the low light and chill of autumn settles in for good. Drinks are poured, towels spread out, and troubles forgotten. Yet, while most people use these fleeting moments of New England heat and blue skies to relax, some adopt a different temperament. Filing out in droves, fishermen across the East Coast don waders and rev engines with eyes to the sea, waiting patiently for the first signs of the fast, powerful gamefish that grace our waters every year: the false albacore. [Read More]

Featured Lure: Daddy Mac Albie/Bonito Jig


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