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Daddy Mac Lures Viper Series Eels are now available in six Bass Pro Shops locations – 04/14/2016

Daddy Mac Lures is pleased to announce that some of our hottest selling lures, the patent-protected Viper Series Eels in both 6″ and 12″ are now being sold at the following Bass Pro Shops locations:

Foxboro, MA,  Baltimore MD, Hampton, VA, Bridgeport, CT, Atlantic City, NJ, and Hookset, NH

Our 12″  patent-protected Viper Series Eels have an unprecedented 11 splits, weigh 3.3 oz, and have VMC 3/0 brushed nickel 4x strong trebles.  They are available in Natural (brown), Raven (black) and Green Mackerel.

Our 6″ patent-protected Viper Series Eels have 7 splits, weigh 1/2 oz., and have VMC size 6 Permasteel 4x trebles.  They are available in in Natural (brown), Raven (black) and Emerald (blue/green).

Both sizes are Kevlar linked, have 3D eyes, an internal rattle, are fast sinking, and have a reflective durable finish and ABS hard plastic.

Our 12″ Viper Eel will be swimming in a display tank this weekend at the Foxboro Bass Pro Shops location.  Stop by and see the incredible swimming action for yourself!

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