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In Season Outdoors TV – Episode 2 – Daddy Mac Lures Pro Staffer – Tim Moore

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Episode #2, Cape Cod Black Sea Bass with Daddy Mac Lures​, is live and packed full of action. This episode also includes a fun trivia piece as well as some bonus footage.

We hope you enjoy it. Please like our page on facebook: In Season Outdoors TV Facebook Page and subscribe to our YouTube Channel In Season Outdoors TV YouTube Channel to get in on all the action.

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Christmas 2017 Daddy Mac Lures Buyers Guide

It is that time of year again. Your husband/boyfriend/wife/girlfriend fishes. There are so many lures on the market, how do you know what to buy? Let us help with some basic questions that may help you out and the recommended Daddy Mac for their fishing style:

1. Does he/she fish freshwater or saltwater?

If Freshwater, do they fish for trout, bass, muskie or pike?

Trout: Viper 3″ Minnow Series
Bass (Smallmouth & LargeMouth): Viper 3″ Minnow Series, Viper 5″ Minnow Series, or Viper 4″ Sunfish Series
Muskie or Pike: Viper 6″ Minnow Series, or Viper 9″ Minnow Series

If Saltwater, do they fish from shore or from a boat?

If Saltwater from a boat:

Albie/Bonito: Albie/Bonito Jigs – 1/2 oz., Albie/Bonito Jigs – 1.0 oz., or Albie/Bonito Jigs – 1.4 oz.
Bluefish: Diamond Chain Jigs
Striped Bass: Elite 2.8 oz. Casting Jigs
Offshore/Marlin: ViperSnipers Dredge Baits – WAHOONBOX Series

If Saltwater from shore:

Albie/Bonito: Albie/Bonito Jigs – 1/2 oz., Albie/Bonito Jigs – 1.0 oz., or Albie/Bonito Jigs – 1.4 oz.
Bluefish: Trophy 3.5 Casting Jigs
Striped Bass: Viper 9″ Eels, or Viper 12″ Eels

If you are still not sure, you can check out the Gift Certificates as an option found here.

If you are really stuck and a wits end, feel free to send an email to and we will be happy to steer you in the right direction.

Tight Lines

Jack Houghton

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Daddy Mac Lures has gone International….finally!

We are pleased to announce that we are now available in 60 countries outside the United States. Through, you now order from translated product pages in your native language and pay with your country’s currency in the following 60 countries:

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Czech Republic
Faroe Islands
Hong Kong
Isle of Man
New Zealand
San Marino
South Africa
South Korea
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom

We are so excited for this and cannot wait until we add an additional 41 countries…stay tuned. #fishwithvenom #daddymaclures

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Daddy Mac Lures Albie/Bonito Long Cast Jigs – On the Water – Lure of the Month

For residents of the Northeast, the final dog days of summer are treated more as a ceremony than as the end of a season. The rugged hills and seaside towns slow, accepting a lethargic and patient transition before the low light and chill of autumn settles in for good. Drinks are poured, towels spread out, and troubles forgotten. Yet, while most people use these fleeting moments of New England heat and blue skies to relax, some adopt a different temperament. Filing out in droves, fishermen across the East Coast don waders and rev engines with eyes to the sea, waiting patiently for the first signs of the fast, powerful gamefish that grace our waters every year: the false albacore. [Read More]

Featured Lure: Daddy Mac Albie/Bonito Jig


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Daddy Mac Lures Viper Series Eels are now available in six Bass Pro Shops locations – 04/14/2016

Daddy Mac Lures is pleased to announce that some of our hottest selling lures, the patent-protected Viper Series Eels in both 6″ and 12″ are now being sold at the following Bass Pro Shops locations:

Foxboro, MA,  Baltimore MD, Hampton, VA, Bridgeport, CT, Atlantic City, NJ, and Hookset, NH

Our 12″  patent-protected Viper Series Eels have an unprecedented 11 splits, weigh 3.3 oz, and have VMC 3/0 brushed nickel 4x strong trebles.  They are available in Natural (brown), Raven (black) and Green Mackerel.

Our 6″ patent-protected Viper Series Eels have 7 splits, weigh 1/2 oz., and have VMC size 6 Permasteel 4x trebles.  They are available in in Natural (brown), Raven (black) and Emerald (blue/green).

Both sizes are Kevlar linked, have 3D eyes, an internal rattle, are fast sinking, and have a reflective durable finish and ABS hard plastic.

Our 12″ Viper Eel will be swimming in a display tank this weekend at the Foxboro Bass Pro Shops location.  Stop by and see the incredible swimming action for yourself!

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Captain Jack Houghton and Dennis MacDonald to present at the Stellwagen Bank Charter Boat Association on April 12th, 2016 – 04/12/2016

Stellwagen Bank Charter Boat Association Meetings are held monthly on the second Tuesday of each month in Marshfield, MA at 7:00 PM.


Next Meeting Tuesday, April 12th, 7:00 PM

Marshfield Tavern

1 Proprietors Drive

Marshfield, MA

 Located behind Roche Brothers Supermarket

April 12th, Meeting Guest Speaker

Jack Houghton of Daddy Mac Lures
Vertical Jigging For Striped Bass


Jack Houghton is a commercial fisherman, charter captain and co-owner of Daddy Mac Lures. His seminar will teach his methods of vertical jigging for striped bass off of Chatham. Using this method, there are those that are able to out fish others consistently. “Learn some tips and techniques to even the playing field,” says Jack. “It’s the little things that make the biggest difference.”

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Captain Matt Trombley has been added to our Pro Staff team – 04/12/2016

Daddy Mac Lures is proud to announce that Captain Matt Trombley of 3rd Alarm Charters and Guide Service in Proctor, Vermont, has been added to our team of Pro-Staffers.  Captain Matt comes to us with years of experience fishing the Hudson River, Lake Champlain and Lake Ontario for various species including salmon, trout, bass, pike and walleye.

As we expand our freshwater presence, we have no doubt that Matt’s vast knowledge and experience will be a tremendous asset to us.  Matt is also a 20 year veteran of the City of Burlington, Vermont fire department and a 26 year veteran of the Fire Service.  His professionalism and strong work ethic make him the perfect fit for our existing Pro-Staff team, and a welcome addition to the Daddy Mac family.

Please check out Matt’s Bio here:

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Daddy Mac Expo Season – Updates, Thank you’s, and Upcoming Expos & Seminars – 03/23/2016

Well, our crazy fishing Expo season is in full swing! We’ve had a busy couple of months here at Daddy Mac Lures with nine expos under our belts from January to present!

We’d like to take the time to share information regarding our expo season, and to thank so many people who have helped us along the way.

(scroll down for a list of upcoming expos and appearances)

Co-owners Dennis “Daddy Mac” MacDonald and Jack Houghton have been working tirelessly to promote Daddy Mac Lures and get our incredible lures into the hands of as many fishermen as possible. The outpouring of support and loyalty to our brand has made every effort worthwhile.

We’d like to thank all of the organizers and event planners for the following expo events, as well as the thousands of Daddy Mac customers and fans who stopped by our booths to say hello and get a head start on stocking up on their Daddy Macs for the upcoming season:

Rockingham Fishing & Hunting Expo, Salem, NH                                       Jan 9 & 10

New England Fishing & Outdoor Expo, Boxborough, MA                          Jan 29 – 31

Springfield Sportsmen’s Show, Springfield, MA                                           Feb 19 – 21

New England Boat Show, Boston MA                                                             Feb 13 – 21

(in the Goose Hummock booth, thank you to Goose!)

NE Fishing & Hunting Show, Hartford, CT                                                    Feb 12 – 14

(in the Red Top Sporting Goods booth, thank you to Red Top!)

New England Saltwater Fishing Show, Providence, RI                               Feb 26 – 28

World Fishing & Outdoor Expo, Suffern, NY                                                 Mar 10 – 13

The Saltwater Fishing Expo, Somerset, NJ                                                    Mar 18 – 20

We were fortunate to speak at many of these events, with co-owner and one of the leading Northeast vertical jigging experts Captain Jack Houghton presenting seminars on Vertical Jigging for Striped Bass.

We’d like to thank the following Expos for the opportunity to present:

New England Fishing & Outdoor Expo

Springfield Sportsmen’s Show

New England Saltwater Fishing Show

World Fishing & Outdoor Expo

The Saltwater Fishing Expo

Massachusetts Striped Bass Association Expo

A special thanks to the New England Fishing & Outdoor Expo and the World Fishing & Outdoor Expo for allowing us to do a swimming demo of our big swim baits (our patent protected Viper Series lures) in the Hawg Troughs!  The responses and feedback we got never ceases to amaze us!

We would also like to thank our incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated Pro-Staff members Tim Moore of Tim Moore Outdoors and Richard Yvon of Twin Maple Outdoors for representing Daddy Mac Lures at the Kittery Trading Post Spring Fish ‘n Hunt sale in Kittery, Maine March 17th – 20th. They did an outstanding job.  We would also like to thank Kittery Trading Post for an unbelievable 2015 season, and a tremendous start already to an even better 2016 season!

We pride ourselves on having the most talented and loyal Pro-Staff team here at Daddy Mac Lures. Newest Pro-Staffers Richard Yvon and David Riley were a huge asset at many of our expo shows this year, and we thank them for their hard work and commitment to Daddy Mac Lures.  We look forward to a great future with these upstanding and talented guys on board.

We would also like to thank Matt Dempsey, Donald Hobart and Colton McGrath for attending every show as part of the Daddy Mac Team. Without their dedication and hard work setting up for shows, working the booths, and breaking down after every event, we never would have seen such an unprecedented and successful expo season. A special thanks to Donald Hobart for months of behind the scenes labor and preparation along with co-owners Dennis “Daddy Mac” and Jack.

Finally, a big thanks to our friends and supporters Field Staffer James “Squid” Young, Jim Smith, Dan Thissel and Phil Belcher for assisting Daddy Mac Lures with packaging in preparation for the show season.

It is a team effort here at Daddy Mac Lures, and we feel honored to have so many supportive and loyal friends, family and Pro-Staffers in our circle.


Upcoming Expos:

  • April 2 -3         Mass Striped Bass Association Expo, Hanover, MA
  • July 12 – 15     ICAST, Orlando, FL


Upcoming Seminars: (Vertical Jigging for Striped Bass)

  • April 2 + 3                 Mass Striped Bass Association Expo, Hanover, MA
  • April 12, 7:00pm     Stellwagon Bank Charter Boat Association, Marshfield Tavern, Marshfield, MA
  • May 4                          Pioneer Valley Boat & Surf Club @ Springfield Yacht & Canoe Club, Agawam, MA

Our patent protected Viper Series lures continue to be hot sellers for fresh and saltwater fishermen alike.  Keep your eyes out for even more new and exciting Daddy Mac Lures soon to come in the spring of 2016 and early 2017!  Tight lines!